Debian activities of the week (2011 W18)

Posted on May 6, 2011
  • commented on Debian bug #619439 for the exim4 package, indicating that public cryptographic parameters in DH key-exchange are indeed public…
  • sponsored an upload of imagemagick, resolving a bug I reported recently. Thanks to Bastien Roucariès for preparing the package.
  • patched gitosis to allow on the spot repositories creation under a subdirectory (think “namespaces”). I’m waiting some reaction from upstream about my patch before I push it to debian. You can fetch my patch from github.
  • uploaded version 3.0.1-2 of mpfr4 with a new upstream patch, which triggered Debian bug #625665 (caught with luck on the hurd-i386 buildd). Fixed in 3.0.1-3.