Quick link: ask for a new sudoku grid (PDF).

Lateralis Sudoku server

This pages describes the Lateralis sudoku server.

What is sudoku?

Sudoku is a logic placement-puzzle. The goal of the game is to place each 9 digits on every row, column, and "3x3 group" of a 9x9 grid. The Wikipedia article on sudoku is a good starting point.

What is the Lateralis sudoku server?

The Lateralis sudoku server is a mail-based bot that serves grids of sudoku, possibly with solution, in response to an email request. If you're only interested in getting a fresh sudoku grid, you can use the web interface and just click here for a new grid each time (PDF format). The e-mail interface is more complete, and is described in the rest of the page.

The request should be addressed to this email address: and contain a request line, indicating the return email address, and whether you also want the solution or not. The request line can be in the subject or in the body of the message.

Assuming your email address is A request for a grid should contain a line like:


If you also want the solution, your request email should instead contain a line:


You'll receive an email containing the grid as a PDF attachement, possibly with the solution as well.

I got an email with something looking like garbage. Hey, it is printed on my grid as well!

Grids returned by the bots have a unique identifier. With it you can request a particular grid, or share the identifier with a friend, or even request the solution for a grid you asked for earlier. You just need to append the identifier to the request line. For example:


for requesting this grid, or

full BwCP3dHxWKdQQWtWqTceOdwDStPYJsSxAY</pre>

for requesting this grid with its solution. If you made a mistake in the identifier, the bot will reply with another grid. This behaviour is likely to change to reply with an error message instead.

Sounds nice, but I still didn't understand

Well, there's still the possibility to email me.

Is the source code available?

Yes, it is a git repository:

    git clone